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Oops, AP? Bellingham Herald? Your bias is showing again

deposed Is it media bias from Associated Press or from the Bellingham Herald who just recently endorsed Gov. Gregoire over Dino Rossi?   I’ll go with both.

Dino Rossi must give a deposition before election day, he is not being deposed from his position as a candidate for governor; if that is even possible.

Who, but a lawyer would even understand that this headline meant Dino Rossi was being asked to give a deposition?  And who but a severely biased media source, skilled with words and biased against Dino Rossi would even think to use this version of deposed?

Oh! Oh! pick me! pick me!  I know the answer.  Media that so much wants to write a grabby headline, that they don’t mind unscrupulously trashing Dino Rossi’s name in public to get that grabby headline.

So which answer is correct, biased or unscrupulous?

I know someone at the Herald reads this blog, so pass this along to your boss.  I bet there are a lot of people who would like to see a retraction printed tomorrow on the same page in the same font.  Not after the election, not in little print on some back page.  Big print tomorrow.  And how about an investigation to find the political leanings of the headline author?  possible

And just to show you what is possible; check the headline on the right that is attached to the very same AP article.  Informative and immanently less biased than what we see here in Bellingham.

This author will be voting for a capable man of integrity and great character; Dino Rossi.

Debate: Four way tie

4way I’ve watched or listened to two debates in the last few days and for the most part found them to be like JV football games.  I felt like I had to be there because my kid was playing, but as a game/debate it really wasn’t much hold my interest nor to talk about afterwards.  Sen. Rossi, Sen.Obama, Gov. Gregoire and Sen. McCain all spent way way way, ok one more way too much time with campaign points. 

No matter what the question or rebut, all responses seemed to be something I’ve heard before.  I don’t think I learned a single new fact, not a single apparent factual paradox resolved, and certainly the only candidate who seemed to lose there composure a bit was Gov. Gregiore, but that seems to be the norm for her anyway.  I also saw/heard a continually arrogant Sen. Obama, a too polished Sen. Rossi and a John McCain who was confident, yet still a bit too reserved. 

I can say I felt the debaters landed in a four way tie, but I’m still stumped as to whether it’s a winning tie or a losing tie.  I’ll hope that a little later in this now short season, we will be past all the campaigning and start the debating.

Rossi responds to WEA on I-732

Rossi for Governor:   The Washington Education Association (WEA) this week launched radio advertisements attacking Dino Rossi for suspending I-732 in the 2003 budget, an initiative that increased teacher pay. In their attack, the WEA fails to mention that this was a bipartisan budget, passed in difficult economic times during the post 9/11 recession, and that Dino successfully fought to give new teachers pay increases.

CSPAN-BookTV: Whatcom Lincoln Day Dinner

WP BookTV A bit of an oops from my Lincoln Day Dinner post of the other day.  I linked to CSPAN, but the video was actually part of CSPAN BookTV.  Here is a good link: Unveiling the Whole Truth: What the Media Failed to Tell American Voters, Author: Wayne Perryman

For anyone who missed the dinner, including reporters, or if you would just like to see it again; looks like it is coming up March 8th & 9th. 

A little aside is that I emailed Rev. Perryman to thank him personally for sharing with us and for his awesome message.  His response is a credit to his character.

I felt so sorry for the people who waited over four hours to hear me speak.  I pray that it was worth it.  I was very sensitive to their endurance throughout the whole speech and constantly thinking of ways to cut it short for their sake.

Lincoln Day Dinner

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to attend the Whatcom Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner. A first, but not the last, for us. We had a chance to put faces to names of those we had previously only known through email and a chance to hear two great men speak.

DinoRossibwI made it to a Dino Rossi rally he held awhile back, but I really liked having my wife hear him speak also this time. She claims to not understand politics, but his message was simple and strong; Make Washington a bad place to be a criminal and a good place to do business. As the keeper of the household budget she also clearly understood his other message of balancing the state budget through controlled and targeted spending, not by increasing our taxes.

Also, a couple of my wife’s friends, also Rossi supporters, knew we were to be seated at his table so they wanted us to inquire about his presidential choice. But even though we were at the same table, the auction was loud and he was up and about meeting and greeting everyone. And with 400-450 people in attendance that is exactly what he should have been doing, so we’ll find another opportunity down the road.

wayneperrymanbw Rev. Wayne Perryman, author, radio host, and speaker was the highlight of the evening. I had recently read his book Unveiling the Whole Truth. But hearing him speak in person, about the effect media has on public opinion, was a rare opportunity for us simple folk up in Ferndale. Even more rare was the chance my wife an I had to sit down with him for a few minutes and talk as parents about liberalism in school system.

Rev. Perryman also had a chance to field a few questions, one of which was about Barack Obama. His answer was very similar to one I might give, but it would never be accepted from a middle aged white Republican male. The reception may be different from Rev. Perryman. You’ll want to keep tabs on CSPAN to see his response for yourself.  A lot of local Democrats and recent Obama converts may be given pause to rethink their presidential choice in 2008.

Awesome to see the room packed to the doors with people anxious to put and end to the Democratic Party’s failing secular socialist experiment. We do need a change in our state; a change back to the ideals of the Republican Party. It’s happening.

Dino Rossi campaign rally

Dino Rossi held his first campaign rally in Whatcom County last evening and I was fortunate to have the time open to attend. It was a busy place and I was pleasantly surprised to run into a couple of friends I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Addressing a full room, Dino Rossi used simple words to describe how he would act as Governor. He said that while in office, Governor Gregoire has shown she can serve the government by increasing our taxes, but when he is in office he will show how he and government will serve the people of our state.

As was pointed out by several in attendance, Dino Rossi has a track record as a Senator for balancing budgets without raising taxes. Raising taxes to balance the budget is the wrong direction. I find this concept easy to relate to because I can’t go to my boss and demand a raise every time we overspend at home. We also don’t budget to spend more than we make. As stupid as that sounds, it is exactly what the Democrats and Governor Gregoire have done with our state budget.

With Governor Gregoire, your taxes will keep going up. And it won’t just be a little bit, it will be a lot. She has already budgeted to spend 33% more of your money, she just hasn’t explained yet how she will be taking that 33% more from you.

I’d rather not wait around and find out how Governor Gregoire will take that 33% more, that’s why I’m encouraging everyone I know to vote for Dino Rossi in 2008.

But while we are waiting to vote, it is heartening to see the current governor reacting to pressure building from the Rossi Campaign. Reactions like immediately calling to reinstate the 1% property tax cap or her latest announcement that she is asking the DOC and US Marshalls to round up sex offenders wanted for violating the conditions of their community supervision. Too bad she wasn’t willing to do these things on her own.

Bottom line, if Dino Rossi can get our sitting governor to leap into action like this, imagine what he will do after we elect him as Governor Rossi in 2008!

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