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2012 Election Reflection


I never thought of this election as the game changer that it is so often referred to as on the radio.  With a constitution, two houses in congress, a judicial system etc, any single presidential election won’t really rise to …

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Mitt Romney rejects the “Balanced Approach”


Remember that section of the presidential debate where President Obama talked about a balanced approach to taxes and spending? And remember how he tried to chastise Mitt Romney for refusing President Obama’s balanced approach? In Mitt Romney’s book he explains …

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President Obama Unfit for Office

Libya feature

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20, so I won’t second guess what happened leading up to the death of our US Ambassador and 3 other Americans in a Sept 11th attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya. I won’t …

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Socialism III – Nailing Success to a Cross


See below for update to post originally dated July, 20, 2012 Yes, President Obama may have actually done this in a recent campaign speech which I think will go down in history as one of the most anti-American campaign speeches …

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Is this the direction we should be heading?


  “Hu Xia was seven months pregnant with her second child when officials in Shangche township, located in Hubei province, told her she must pay a fine or undergo an abortion. Unable to meet the financial penalty, officials at People’s …

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The Fast and Furious scandal is turning into President Obama’s Watergate – Telegraph Blogs

Fast and furious hasn’t been discussed a lot in the mainstream media, which is why the facts can seem so preposterous when you read them for the first time. But the story is slowly unraveling and the public is catching …

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