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Take a few minutes to watch

Definitely worth a  few minutes of your time; this Matt Lauer interview covered more than just David Letterman’s crude comment about Sarah Palin’s 14 year old daughter.


Sarah Palin has started SarahPAC, her political action committee.  It’s good to see that Sarah Palin is out there doing and not just becoming a faded memory of elections past.  I really enjoyed her wit, conservative principles and direct style  …

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Which path shall we walk?

Our nation has taken one more step away from God.  We’ve been on this walk away from God and the Christian roots of our nation for several decades, so the giant step we took in the election was  not surprising.  …

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It’s not really about experience

When you hear clamoring  about Sarah Palin being only a governor and therefore not experienced enough to be VP let alone P, I’d like you to consider a couple of things. First check the list below of former governors who …

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Troopergate: Don’t buy local

Read the headline “Alaska panel finds Palin abused power in firing” and you might be led to thinking that Sarah Palin used her power as governor to just haul off and fire someone.  Even continuing into the article’s lead sentence …

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Rumor has it

All the wild baseless accusations and nasty lies regarding soon to be VP Sarah have grown tiresome and pedantic.  With mainstream media, progressive media and left leaning bloggers all contributing, I’ve had my quota.  And in this full up to …

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