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2012 Election Reflection


I never thought of this election as the game changer that it is so often referred to as on the radio.  With a constitution, two houses in congress, a judicial system etc, any single presidential election won’t really rise to …

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The DREAM act is Not The Issue

What President Obama recently did by essentially authorizing the DREAM Act through an Executive order is not really the issue.  The issue is how he went about authorizing the Dream Act, not that he actually authorized it.  He usurped the …

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That’s what the frick & frack! as in what the frick & frack is going on with our government, our law enforcement and the media who ought to be helping us keep them in check. When I opened the page …

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer defends law

Governor Jan Brewer defends Arizona’s law and comments on President Obama’s recent interest in our nation’s Southern border.   I wish we had a Governor like her in our state.   Oh, and a governor who has a wit to her …

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Still Standing with Israel

After hearing today about Israeli commandos killing Palestinian peace activists I was mentally prepared to admonish Israel for their actions.  Instead, I read more before I leaped and no will offer a few words in support and admiration for Israel. …

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One of these two men

One of these two men is a humble public servant and the other is our nation’s president.