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tjThomas Jefferson said “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

Is today that day?  The day that President Obama and the Democratic Party usher in the end of our 2 century old democracy?

Perhaps someone should pull President Obama aside this morning and explain that Thomas Jefferson meant this as a warning, not a directive.

Military Recruitment Station target of IED

06cnd-timessquare3.337 I prefer my title over the NYT headline “Police investigate Times Square Explosion” Yes, it was an explosion, and yes it was in Times Square, but it was a recruiting station, so why not headline with that pertinent fact also? NYT didn’t hide the fact, just didn’t headline it.

The New York City police issued a statement at 7:33 a.m. describing the source of the explosion as an “improvised explosive device” and putting the time of the blast at 3:43 a.m. Subways and traffic are running normally through Times Square.

Even more tragic than lack of national support in our press, is the effect that digging around, for a few years, for the facts beyond the news has had on myself. For when I read that the target of the IED was a Military Recruitment Station, the first thing on my mind was not Islamic terrorists. The first though on my mind was the immense hatred that peace groups and veterans against the war have towards military recruitment and our government in general. So tragically my thoughts were on homegrown terrorists. A bit of tragic irony is that because the media generally doesn’t delve into the underpinnings of these groups, their audience won’t even know to consider peace groups as viable suspects.

The recruiting station — the third that has stood on the site since 1946 — has been the site of regular antiwar protests since the start of the Iraq war in 2003, although until today, the only major threat to the station seemed to come from pigeons.

I doubt that one lonely mention of antiwar protests will be enough to trigger public outcry for investigation into peace groups, or peace group member as possible suspects. If one truly wants to explore blind rage in America, then don’t miss the tirades of peace activists; you won’t be disappointed.

I should make it clear that this post is in no way an accusation or indictment of peace groups in this recruitment center bombing, I am just pointing out a few repercussions of subtle media bias. An interesting bias note is that Al Jazeera also reported this incident, but with the headline “Blast at US Army Recruitment Centre.” They did however end the article with a little local bias of their own.

New York has been on a heightened state of alert since the attacks of September 11, 2001, when hijackers crashed two passenger jets into the World Trade Centre, killing nearly 3,000 people.


Don’t miss your chance

mrthumbnail.jpgThis week is when it all happens. If you want a president that is for individual rights, for family values, for lowering the overall cost of health care, for lowering your taxes, for controlling our borders and securing our nation, then you want a conservative in the presidential office. And frankly with that host of issues, the more conservative the better.

Where we stand today, realistically there are only 4 viable candidates and I kid you not, only one candidate; Mitt Romney is a real conservative. Democratic party runners Obama and Clinton are obviously not conservative and even though McCain is promoted as a conservative, it’s not too difficult to find both Republicans and Democrats who say he isn’t. It’s also easy to find stories about a potential Kerry-McCain run and/or party defection that never materialized in 2004. How conservative can McCain be if he considered, even for a second, running on a Democratic Party ticket in the last election?

So that leaves Mitt Romney as the only real conservative choice and perhaps that’s why we are seeing a real surge of conservatives backing him for the big office.

Sean Hannity: “I’ll tell you right now, and I’ve not announced this, but I will be voting for Mitt Romney in this campaign. It’s the first time I’ve stated it publicly. I’ll state it now.” (“Sean Hannity Radio Show,” 1/31/08)

Laura Ingraham: “All right, I’m going to see your endorsement and raise you an announcement: February 12th is the big D.C. primary, I’m pulling the lever for Mitt Romney. No doubt about it. No hesitation.” (“The Laura Ingraham Show,” 2/1/08)

Senator Santorum: “If you’re a conservative, there really is only one place to go right now. I would even argue farther than that. If you’re a Republican, if you’re a Republican in the broadest sense, there is only one place to go right now and that’s Mitt Romney.” (“The Laura Ingraham Show,” 2/1/08)

Today, U.S. Congressman Howard Coble (R-NC) announced that he is endorsing Governor Mitt Romney to be our next President of the United States. Congressman Coble joins Congresswoman Virginia Foxx from North Carolina in supporting Governor Romney.

Today, George Landrith, President of the conservative Frontiers of Freedom Institute, endorsed Governor Mitt Romney and his campaign for President of the United States. Landrith joins a growing chorus of conservative leaders supporting Governor Romney.

Rush Limbaugh: Pearl of Wisdom: “The three legs of the conservative stool are national security/foreign policy, social policy, and fiscal policy. Now, based on the way the campaign has shaken out, there probably is a candidate on our side who does embody all three legs of the stool, and that’s Mitt Romney.”

I’m ecstatic about this surge for family values, lower priced health care, strong defense, controlled borders and lower taxes. I’m voting for Mitt Romney in the primary election and caucusing for him this Saturday and I urge everyone to do the same.

To support Mitt Romney at your caucus you’ll need to know your precinct and you’ll need to find where your caucus is meeting. If you need any assistance, leave a comment or shoot an email to me and I’ll do my best to help.

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