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One of these two men

One of these two men is a humble public servant and the other is our nation’s president.  

Which path shall we walk?

Our nation has taken one more step away from God.  We’ve been on this walk away from God and the Christian roots of our nation for several decades, so the giant step we took in the election was  not surprising.  …

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Randy Alcorn: Why I’m Voting for 98% Pro-life John McCain rather than 100% Pro-legal-abortion Barack Obama

Another strong vote for what is right is author Randy Alcorn.  I’d never heard of Randy Alcorn until my pastor reccomended one of his fictional book series.  I still haven’t found the time to read one of his novels, but …

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It’s not really about experience

When you hear clamoring  about Sarah Palin being only a governor and therefore not experienced enough to be VP let alone P, I’d like you to consider a couple of things. First check the list below of former governors who …

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John McCain: Clear debate winner

Well the townhall/debate between Barack Obama and John McCain certainly was a simple affair this evening.  I’m sure someone counted the questions and no doubt scores will be given.  I’m sure that several days ago both sides started fact checking …

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Debate: Four way tie

I’ve watched or listened to two debates in the last few days and for the most part found them to be like JV football games.  I felt like I had to be there because my kid was playing, but as …

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