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COBPAC Resolving to Undermine Your Federal Vote

There it is.  The City of Bellingham last night passed another resolution on a Federal  matter, thus continuing to assert themselves as one of our strong local Political Action Committees (PAC’s).   It’s one thing for a city council to pass …

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Vote YES on Bellingham Initiative No. 2011-01

Some say that traffic cameras are about safety and other say they are about money.  Well at least for the Guide/Telegraph Road intersection near Bellis Fair Mall it is pretty clear now that it is all about the money.   …

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Officer Camera

feel lucky 540

An article caught the other day brought to my attention once again, what a big mistake Bellingham made when it recently signed a contract to farm out a portion of local law enforcement to a private out of state company …

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Why the Nickel?

Bellingham City Council member Seth Fleetwood is bringing forth a proposed ordinance banning plastic shopping bags.   I haven’t read the actual proposal, but here’s a quick look from The News Tribune, … a proposed city ordinance that would force retailers …

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Cat Poop Variation

In struggling to understand the whole “net” safer concept proposed by red light camera advocates I came up with the cat poop analogy which I think brings the concept down to a more base level that may be easier for …

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CoBPAC: City of Bellingham Political Action Committee

Forget SarahPAC. Forget Rural Neighbors PAC. The City of Bellingham(COB), yes our City of Bellingham is the hottest new political action committee(PAC) north of Portland. Sure the city may not have reported expenditures nor filed any legal paperwork. I wouldn’t …

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