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Right Size Jail

What is the right size jail for Whatcom County? We need bigger prisons in general, not because we are going to lock up more people for petty crimes, but because about 20 years ago we as a society decided that …

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Bellingham “Alarmist” Herald


There is a  is a vessel in Bellingham being fitted to contain and clean up huge oil spills in Arctic waters, but right now it is sitting in Bellingham Bay with spill containment booms surrounding it.   And leave it to …

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Cut our Losses; Abandon the Gateway Pacific Terminal

It is about time we just cut our losses and abandon the fight for a Coal Port at Cherry Point.  In my opinion we have reached a point where there are so many reasons not to have the Gateway Pacific …

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Protect and Serve

With automated traffic cameras now patrolling roadways, Bellingham has reassigned their police force to patrol grocery and convenience stores keeping their fair city safe from bag ordinance violators.

For or Agin’ Coal Trains

Do I have to admire RE-Sources dedication to the envirionment even if I feel like they are lyin’ through their teeth? According to BNSF we already have 6 coal trains per day coming through our county on their way to …

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What is the Scariest thing about the Northwest Avenue Bike Lane Project?

We all know that the City of Bellingham is considering doing away with parking in favor of bike lanes along portions of Northwest Avenue.  Whenever I hear about projects I think dollar signs and that is pretty scary since much …

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