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I Found One


I’m sure there are more of them around, but you just don’t find them that often.  So when I do find one I want to share it with the world.   No, it’s not a snipe.  No, it’s not a four …

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Is this the direction we should be heading?


  “Hu Xia was seven months pregnant with her second child when officials in Shangche township, located in Hubei province, told her she must pay a fine or undergo an abortion. Unable to meet the financial penalty, officials at People’s …

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Another Look at that Planned Parenthood Chart

I’m talking about this chart that has been running around Facebook and other parts of the internet recently.  I’m certain it is showing up in response to a recent announcement by Susan G. Komen for the Cure that they would …

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State Senator Kevin Ranker from our local 40th district has sponsored legislation to regulate operations of pregnancy centers.  There are a lot of details, but one of the main focuses of his effort is to ensure that these pregnancy centers  …

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Wrong choices for our kids

Ted Bundy spent much of his youth baby sitting his younger siblings, would you let him watch you children?  Would you hire Dr. Jack (Death) Kevorkian for in home care of your mother?  Knowing what we know now about these …

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Two recent events really highlight how religion can affect a person’s view or right and wrong. First let me fly off on a tangent, no first let me fly off on a tangent about flying off on tangents before I …

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