about-image-2I’m located up in the northwest corner of Washington State in what appears on the surface to be a very liberal area.

After years of reading and listening to local media dealing out almost exclusively a middle left to far left slant on the news, I was hungry for a little conservative thought regarding local issues.  I searched online for conservative groups in our Whatcom county, but wasn’t surprised when Whatcom Pagans came back high on the list from Google.

A day or so later I started wallywonderswhy.com and began writing my conservative take on a few issues in the news.  I’ve since found that many local conservative were not speaking up for their values out of concern for their families and their livelihood in this small county.

The views expressed here are my own;  they are not the views of my employer, my church, nor the Republican Party.  However, I do have sympathy for the closed mouth conservative’s concerns and I can’t fault any of them for keeping their silence.  In fact those concerns are why I’ve kept myself semi-anonymous as Wally.

Getting elected as Republican PCO for the 110th precinct a few years back spelled an end to my anonymity though.  My feeling is that any elected public official from the president right down to the lowest level volunteer  have a responsibility not to speak, write, or act in secrecy.

I am Garin Wallace (aka Wally).  My wife Monica (aka Mrs. Wally) and I were both raised in families with traditional American values of faith, family and community. Now as Christian parents, we seek to do the same for our children.  We have 2 boys in Cascadia (wish it was N. Bellingham) Elementary and we are fairly active members of Evergreen Community Church in Ferndale.  My wife, who has the bigger heart between the two of us, might be called a stay at home mom if it weren’t for the amount of volunteer time she puts in during a week.  We have a dog, 2 cats, a mini-van and we go to church on Sundays.

We are a conservative Christian family that used to be typically American but now seems destined for the endangered list.