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The former Dakota Creek Tavern on Blaine Road got religion last weekend as Pastor Lee Connors and his wife Rosemary Reuss-Connors hosted the first Sunday worship service for a new ministry they call the Dakota Creek Community Church.

Born a Roman Catholic, Connors said that he finds a locally based non-denominational style appealing, especially when starting out a new ministry, since all the decisions are up to the local group.
Rosemary Reuss-Connors will be primarily responsible for worship.

The couple has a blended family of children with one on the way, and expects family ministry and especially creating opportunities for young new moms to be a focal point of their work, Connors said.

What a great way to get rid of the eyesore that was the Dakota Creek Tavern.  Their web address is www.dakotacreekcenter.com.  And they have a coffee bar.  :)

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