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Muslim outrage and unanimous condemnation.

Muslims all around the world are apparently outraged at the Pope for his comment regarding the evil and inhuman way that the Islamic religion has spread by the sword.

Where is Muslim outrage when Muslim leaders call for wiping a nation off the map?

Where is Muslim outrage when Muslims kidnap, torture, and kill journalists?

Where is Muslim outrage when Muslims kidnap, torture, and kill missionaries?

Where is Muslim outrage when Muslims are beheading non-Muslims?

Where is Muslim outrage when Islamic terrorists blow up people on trains, boats, airplanes, coffee shops, bus stations, grocery stores, etc., etc., etc.

Why is anyone upset? Islamic doctrine, historical Islamic actions and current Islamic actions tend to support what the Pope said. Mohammed did spread Islam by the sword. It’s a historical fact. The only peaceful part of Islam has been reserved for those who convert and join in the fight against infidels (all non-Muslim). Maybe it is time for some Imam to claim prophetic stature and do a quick rewrite of the religion?

Where is the Muslim Martin Luther?

I will consider being upset at the Pope, only when Muslims start being outraged and unanimously condemn the violent actions of their religion/government.

Until then I demand an apology from every Muslim who has spoken against Christians. Click here to email your apology.

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