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On your shoulder and in my head

hammer I have Bellinghammer to thank for a mild case of head infestation.  It’s a catchy little tune about our presumptive savior Barack Obama, so it really isn’t so bad to hear it 30 or 40 times a day.  Is it?

Go get Obama, on your shoulder at Adventures of a Bellinghammer or you may already have him in your head.


    I almost purged this song from my little p-brane when Bellinghammer infected me with it,
    Now you infect me with it too…
    I got no room for nothin’ else in my little p-brane…
    Thanks, Wally…
    ps, has anybody e-mailed this to Citizen Steve yet???

    obama, on my shoulder…doo dit doo dit doo doo doo…

  2. Don’t worry, it was mostly just for fun, but partly to learn how to put YouTubes in the sidebar. I’ll leave him there until either I’m sick of him, or the CDC shuts me down.

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