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Derelict Wing

Well as last fall approached my scooter moved to the mission fields of Northern Baja and it’s place in the garage was filled with derelict GoldWing whose previous owner called Pearl.  Rather than a pearl, I was hoping to find …

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Traffic Guy on scooter parking

“Can more than one scooter park in a parking spot?  Are scooters allowed to park on the sidewalk if there is ample room?” The Herald digs for answers to a couple of burning questions in their article Scooter query requires …

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I guess I love my roots in the British culture because I can appreciate their humor and life perspective. Take joyriding, usually where someone young, stupid or drunk, or young, stupid and drunk, steals a car just for the pleasure …

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Mercy Me, Scooters!

Mercy Me! A Christian rock band riding pimped out scooters. I can only imagine what they will come up with next.

Sunday morning slapstick

I ran across this YouTube of some two wheel mishaps. Enjoy.

Pirelli scooter tires

As I mentioned somewhere earlier in this recent rash of scooter posts, my wife and I ride a couple of relatively new 150cc Roketa scooters that we purchased from Urbano Moto in Bellingham. They are fairly inexpensive Chinese models so …

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