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2011 Election Season

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Update: Instead of continuing to update this post, I’ve added a page for the 2011 Elections and will update that as my positions evolve. As of Friday the candidate filings are closed, so they’re off and running.  The Herald has …

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Officer Camera

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An article caught the other day brought to my attention once again, what a big mistake Bellingham made when it recently signed a contract to farm out a portion of local law enforcement to a private out of state company …

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For or Agin’ Coal Trains

Do I have to admire RE-Sources dedication to the envirionment even if I feel like they are lyin’ through their teeth? According to BNSF we already have 6 coal trains per day coming through our county on their way to …

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Know when to walk away, know when to run

Disturbing WTA related article in the Herald today, WTA plans to launch online trip-planning software this spring.   Seems that a few years ago WTA purchased software for over $90,000 and signed on to an annual maintenance fee of over $15,000.   …

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But Upon Probable Cause

Profiling is as American as apple pie and football played with a brown pointy ball.  Profiling has its basis both in common sense and our Constitution’s 4th Amendment. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, …

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Red Light Cameras in Bellingham

The news in town is that the City of Bellingham just voted unanimously to install Red Light Cameras.  Well, actually it looks like in a work session on the police budget, they voted unanimously to “include revenues and expenditures from …

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