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Senator Doug Ericksen: The 12 Biggest Myths of Olympia

E-mail: ● Phone: (360)786-7682 ● Web: 414 Legislative Building ● PO Box 40442 ● Olympia, WA 98504-0412 Committees: Environment, Ranking Republican; Transportation; Economic Development, Trade & Innovation Senate Republican Whip December 28, 2012 The 12 Biggest Myths of …

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Is It Mine?


Property Rights, the Environment and Growth Management are a few of the buzz topics in the current election season and as such, the Bellingham Herald apparently chose that angle when they covered the recent Tea Party Candidate Forum.  In that …

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It’s not a partisan gap, it’s Democrats

When I look at our financial state of affairs in Olympia I don’t see a partisan gap issue as many in the news have said, I see a problem with the Democrats who have had too much control and for …

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Town Hall Meeting with 42nd District Legislators

I along with few hundred others attended a Town Hall meeting in Lynden yesterday afternoon.  The meet was put on by Vince Buys, Doug Ericksen, and Jason Overstreet, our freshly elected representation for the northern half of Whatcom County.  After …

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Lummi Island Ferry and the Sovereignty Card

The Sovereignty card is what the Lummi Nation plays to avoid considering how their behavior affects others in Whatcom County.  It’s the card they are playing in the still current Ferry situation and it’s the same card they played to …

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Well Represented

Last fall, with our states financial balance suffering, we elected two locals, Jason Overstreet and Vincent Buys to represent us with common sense down in Olympia.  They’ve only recently taken their new offices, so I am happy to see that  …

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