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Biologically Correct


What more can I say?  In my book biologically correct trumps politically correct every time.

2012 Election Reflection


I never thought of this election as the game changer that it is so often referred to as on the radio.  With a constitution, two houses in congress, a judicial system etc, any single presidential election won’t really rise to …

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Smart Future

I hear some talking about the stubby little Smart cars we see running around being a sign of just how dismal our transportation future looks.  I see them as quite the opposite, I see them as small efficient ways to …

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Pregnancy Centers and Clinics under attack

I wanted to pass along this letter I received today with information regarding a couple of pieces of pro-abortion legislation.  What I think is most disgusting about the proposals is not that they are pro-abortion, which you’d think was as …

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Why I will quit shopping at Wal-Mart

Our nation is looking more and more like a bad sci-fi movie all the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch bad sci-fi, but I’m not so sure I’m going to like living one. And what exactly is …

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Have we learned?

Have we learned that we must be vigilante against any culture that talks peace while at the same time arming their warriors against us?  Pearl Harbor and 9/11 should have taught us that we need to not only collect, analyze, …

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