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President Obama Unfit for Office

Libya feature

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20, so I won’t second guess what happened leading up to the death of our US Ambassador and 3 other Americans in a Sept 11th attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya. I won’t …

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Hey Look! That One is Way Ahead!

I’ve seen a “Who Increased The Debt?” chart here and there around the net and on more than one Facebook post, so odds are you’ve come across it or one of it’s variations.  I also think that I hear Joe …

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Another Look at that Planned Parenthood Chart

I’m talking about this chart that has been running around Facebook and other parts of the internet recently.  I’m certain it is showing up in response to a recent announcement by Susan G. Komen for the Cure that they would …

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To the extent that we burn “fossil” fuels, the people of our nation and our world are existing on banked capacity. The energy stored in tar and crude oils was banked away long long ago. In those days, just as …

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What is Wrong with Lake Whatcom

Since moving to the area 9 years ago, I’ve gotten used to bickering, accusations, partisan slams, and science nitpicks, all surrounding the issue of Lake Whatcom water quality.  As someone who spent my first few college years studying chemistry with …

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