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Oh Mothballs!

Wally Wonders Why has currently been mothballed indefinitely.   Comments have been closed, but previously published posts will remain available for the foreseeable future.

It’s the water, and a lot more

That’s what we got up in Ferndale during the last year, water and a whole lot more.  That is a lot of minerals, scale, bad taste, maybe some manganese, calcium…a lot like Olympia bear of old, but better tasting than …

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Top Ten things to do after calling 911

Let’s face it, if you are lucky enough to get off a 911 call when your home is invaded by bad guys, you still have to deal with the awkward 10 minutes or so until the police arrive.  In the …

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Senator Doug Ericksen: The 12 Biggest Myths of Olympia

E-mail: ● Phone: (360)786-7682 ● Web: 414 Legislative Building ● PO Box 40442 ● Olympia, WA 98504-0412 Committees: Environment, Ranking Republican; Transportation; Economic Development, Trade & Innovation Senate Republican Whip December 28, 2012 The 12 Biggest Myths of …

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Right Size Jail

What is the right size jail for Whatcom County? We need bigger prisons in general, not because we are going to lock up more people for petty crimes, but because about 20 years ago we as a society decided that …

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Limp Mode

Limp mode is marginally better than maintenance mode and a little more honest, since maintenance mode would imply that I am doing maintenance when in fact the website is limping due to  hosting service errors.  It seems they took files …

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